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Aims & scope


Crime Science is an international, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal, with an applied focus. The journal's main focus is research articles and systematic reviews that reflect the growing cooperation of a variety of fields, including environmental criminology, economics, engineering, geography, public health, psychology, statistics, and urban planning, on improving the detection, prevention, and understanding of crime and disorder. Crime Science will publish theoretical articles that are relevant to the field, for example, approaches that integrate theories from different disciplines. The goal of the journal is to broaden the scientific base for the understanding, analysis, and control of crime and disorder. It is aimed at researchers, practitioners and policy-makers with an interest in crime reduction. It will also publish short contributions on timely topics including crime patterns, technological advances for detection and prevention, and analytical techniques, and on the crime reduction applications of research from a wide range of fields.

Crime Science publishes the following article types:

Research articles: Focused reports of data from original empirical research. Contributions should be fewer than 5,000 words, not including references, endnotes, figures or tables.

Systematic reviews: Reviews of the literature with a focus on the effectiveness of technologies and policies that aim to prevent specific forms of crime and disorder. Contributions should be fewer than 8,000 words, not including references, endnotes, figures or tables.

Short contributions: Short, focused research and opinion articles of contemporary interest flagging new crime patterns, trends, crime prevention methods, and analytic techniques. Contributions should be fewer than 1,000 words, not including references, endnotes, figures or tables.

Theoretical articles: These articles should renew the theoretical debate in the field of Crime Science and show how theory is related to practice. Contributions should be fewer than 5,000 words, not including references, endnotes, figures or tables.

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